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Amazing uses of USB

Amazing uses of USB

usb usage

An USB is a small and quite estrange device that most of us use to carry information and to transfer it from one computer to another. We keep it in our pockets and do not think about it very much. But there are many uses we can give to our USB. Once you have read this article you will not think that it is a simple gadget anymore as you will find out some amazing uses of USB.

The key of your computer

You can use your USB as the key of your computer, that is to say, you can lock and unlock your personal computer thanks to your USB if you use it together with Operation Predator. Using both of them together your computer will be locked when you remove your USB, and no one will be able to open it without your pen drive.

Work securely

If you need to work from a remote computer but you need to work in a secure way, you can use your pen drive together with Democrakey. Democrakey will keep all your data secure even though you are using Internet on a public computer.

Take advantage of portable app and games

Nowadays we are used to many applications. We install these applications on our computers and we do not even realize that we are using them while we are working, that is why we are so upset when we cannot use them because we are not using our own computer. Thanks to our USB we can run our most beloved applications in any computer or device and we will not miss them anymore.

But as we also like to enjoy our free time, it is important to take into account that it is also possible to run games only by connecting our pen drive to a certain device. Are you ready to take up your game at any moment and any place?

Back up your important documents

Sometimes we do not have time backup the most important documents and information of our computer. If you need to secure some documents and you are in a hurry you can use your pen drive. We know this is not the ideal solution, but if you have your USB on your pocket you can record all the important data on it and forget about the possibility of losing it.

Make a wonderful gift

Sure you forget some important dates many times. Sure you had to run to the nearest shop to buy an improvised gift. Well, if you have an USB you do not have to worry. Thanks to this small device you can collect special songs, photos or information for that person you love. You will give them a really good gift, as it is personalized. And they will never know that you prepared it in the last moment.